The South View Band Boosters Organization

- The South View High School Band Boosters is a parent based organization that helps in the day to day operations of the South View High School band programs. Parents of the boosters come from all backgrounds, diversities, ethnicities, and income levels. The booster organization has but one goal in mind and that is to make the years that students are involved with the South View Bands as memorable as it possibly can be. We have parents of current students and parents of students who have long graduated. The Band Booster organization creates a family based atmosphere in which each individual feels as though they are a part of a much larger group aiming for the good of our students.

2018-2019 Band Booster Officers:

President -- Brenda  Beach E-mail-910-908-3880

President Elect -Roy Young- E-mail-910-987-1719

Vice President-Courtney Francis-E-mail-910-261-8602

Treasurer-Farrah Young- E-mail-910-916-9994

Correspondence-Lisa Sharrard -E-mail- 910-426-5251

Secretary-Sally McDonald-E-mail -910-424-4975

Quartermaster-Alex Young -E-mail-910-988-3290

Quartermaster-Ron May -E-mail-910-988-3598